Local logger trades in work boots for running shoes to helping kids in need

LEE, Maine (WABI) - Mike Thurlow has been logging the Maine woods his whole life.

This weekend, he's doing something some have called crazy as he again trades in his work boots for running shoes, going the distance to help kids in need.

63-year-old Thurlow ran the Milinocket half marathon last year, but not as a runner...as a logger.

He says, "It's the best crazy idea I've ever had."

He did it all while wearing his logging gear and after raising one thousand dollars....a chainsaw.

Thurlow says toughing it out for that 13.1 miles with 25 extra pounds on him is worth it as he raises money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Thurlow says, "It's hard to put into words the feeling that I had last year, that in a small way that I was giving to some young child that has come into this world that has never done anything wrong, and they struggle to live and survive with these life threatening illnesses. So, to me, it felt so great to do that.

This year, he's at it again.

He says, "People ask me how long have I been training. Well, about 40 years I've been carrying a chainsaw, so another day...why not?"

Folks have already made sure he'll be running with a chainsaw again, but he's upped the challenge even more.

Thurlow says, "$1,000 one saw, $10,000 two saws, $100,000 three saws, and for 1 million dollars, I'll carry four saws 13 miles."

Donations have already reached five thousand dollars...every cent going to help kids' wishes come true.

He says, "I thought I was about ready to settle into retirement, and it looks like I'm going to keep the running shoes on for a while."

Thurlow says he has a special announcement to make at the end of his race Saturday.

To donate visit site.wish.org/goto/mikerun.