Local lawyer taking to the sidewalk for Thankful Thursdays

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - A local lawyer is taking to the sidewalk every Thursday to help those in need.

He's calling it Thankful Thursday.

Jeff Silverstein's office is on Main Street in Bangor.

He says when the pandemic first started he was looking for a way he could help those who needed it and thank essential workers.

And everyone needs food.

So, every Thursday he puts out a booth of about 80 dollars worth of different non-perishable items for anyone who needs it to take.

"It wasn't so much that I thought the essential workers might need some help but there might be some population base downtown here that could use some assistance. I found out after the first week that indeed that was true," said Silverstein.

Silverstein says most of the food he puts out is gone by the end of the day...except the sliced potatoes.

He says he'll continue to place food out there every Thursday for as long as there's a need.