Health officials warn about dangers of vaping

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Health officials are warning about the effects it can have on your body, specifically the lungs.

"The chemicals that are being breathed in through e-cigarettes are a lung irritant. We know that they could exasperate lung health conditions."

"Much like people that smoke cigarettes for a long period of time, it causes scar tissue and so they have difficulty breathing."

The American Lung Association says people in 33 states have been hospitalized because of e-cigarettes and 6 people have died from severe pulmonary disease.

"We've really seen an epidemic of youth e-cigarette use across the country and just yesterday CDC released new numbers that showed that 27.5 % youth have reported using e-cigarettes within the last 30 days."

A recent survey taken last year showed about one in five high school students used e-cigarettes.

"So the kids think they are pretty cool and they come in all kinds of flavors and so they are not as safe as one would think."

Because vaping is so new research is still being done pertaining to the long-term effects it will have.

"Breathing anything other than oxygen in your lungs could have and in this case, do have, an effect on the lungs and we are doing research and we are looking to researchers to find out what those long term effects are. But, we know, that it isn't healthy."

Some officials say the key is quitting tobacco altogether and educating the public.

"We're saying quit and the American Lung Association has tools to help smokers quit."

"I think the key is going to educate and then hopefully with enough education and more and more things that come out to the younger population that there are risks to them."