Local college receives donation from Bangor car dealership

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Growing the next generation of technicians - that's one reason why a local dealership donated a car to an Aroostook County College.

Northern Maine Community College's Automotive Technology Program was given a TDI Volkswagen Jetta from Darling's Auto Group.

Students can now learn all about car service and repairs through hands-on learning activities.

The automotive instructor at NMCC says the donation adds something different and new to their program.

Robert Kaiser, Automotive Instructor, said, "We're excited about this. It will let them touch on the diesel side of the automotive side of the world instead of just the gasoline side which we've been doing pretty much all along."

"A lot of technicians that are going to be retiring and the workforce is aging,” said Bob Campbell, Service Director at Darling’s Ford VW Audi. He added, that “it's important to get young people involved and let them know we are interested in hiring them once they graduate."

Kim Cotta, a Volkswagen Warranty Administrator, explained, "We realize how important it is to especially give back to the schools a lot of our technicians have come from these vocational programs so any opportunity we get to help them out we take it."

The donation presentation was part of the Darling's TDI Taco Tuesdays.

The event is a way to educate those who already own this type of model Volkswagen and those interested in buying one.