Local church home to historic 100 year old chimes

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For 100 years chimes have filled downtown Bangor with a beautiful sound.

The music pours out of the historic bell tower at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Bangor.

"When they were installed they were only 1 of 3 sets of chimes in the whole state of Maine and now there are 6 sets in the state of Maine."

Members of the church manually play the chimes each Sunday with one member who has been playing for 10 years.

"It's really cool to know that I am making music for downtown Bangor. NATS It's nice to play and know that people can enjoy it but I don't actually see the audience."

"STAND UP- I am told these chimes are the only chimes in the Bangor area that are manually played."

"There is only 3 left in Maine that are played by hand."

The chimes are also unique because there are 10 bells.

"Most chimes are only a set of 8. So, this set of chimes actually has a couple of extra bells so the extra bells and whistles right?"

Nearly 100 years ago the bells were used to communicate with people in Bangor.

"It was kind of a way to announce to the rest of the world that Sunday morning services were happening, or weddings were happening, or morning was happening. It was a way of communicating before we had television and radio."

Folks will get the chance to hear the chimes on Saturday, December 7th from 2:30-3 as they will be played for the Festival of Lights.

"If you're in downtown Bangor all you have to do is open your windows and listen."