Local Mobile Home Park Undergoes Some Big Changes

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Out with the old, and in with the new.

That's the mindset of a company transforming a Bangor mobile home park.

"The park to where it is today was a process because originally they wanted to close it down, originally for the name, and the jurisdiction it was in," explains Rick Breton, Owner and Operator of Colonial Pines Real Estate.

Removing a stigma that once was, while building a respectable community for renters and buyers alike, that is the goal of Rick Breton and the folks from Colonial Pines Real Estate.

What was formally known as "Rainbow" Park to many in the area, is now Colonial Pines.

A major overhaul, Breton says was definitely needed before he stepped in.

"Drugs, alcohol, the abuse, the squatters. I mean, there was no accountability here at all," said Breton.

Breton purchased the property in 2015 after it was foreclosed on, and since then has undergone extensive renovations to get it where it is today.

"Not many people offer a brand new home to rent. I mean, that's pretty rare. We have 13 brand new homes. They're 2017 Titans and we just ordered 2018 Titans, another 12 homes for the following season," explained Breton.

Plans are still developing as 30 more sites are being built.

It's a project that Breton is quite familiar with.

"I love real estate. I was in manufacturing for 18 years. I had another company for 18 years and I really loved the real estate world and I am a craftsman by trade, so I figured that if I could do everything at a wholesale cost myself and pass it on the end user, I could offer a nice place for people to live."

To make it that nice community, all tenants must undergo an extensive screening process including background checks to ensure that the park never falls back into a negative state again.

"We want a respectable community for everybody to live and respect everybody else," said Breton.

While construction continues, Breton says he's focused on hopefully giving this place a better name for itself.

"It's one-hundred times better than what it was, and it will stay that way."