Local Eagle Scout builds, dedicates bocce ball court to Special Olympian

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HAMPDEN, Maine (WABI) - What began as an idea, turned into actuality this past year when Hampden Academy student Levi Husson built his own Bocce Ball Court.

Designed as his final project to become an Eagle Scout, Levi says it took more than a year to become reality.

He wanted this project though to be a gift to the community.

"We were looking at locations. We were looking at Hampden Academy and stuff like that. But the thing is that would end up more likely being in a kind of private area that not as many people could access all the time, especially during the school day. So we chose some place other than that. And actually how I wanted to build it came from a YouTube video about how to make one at home in your back yard but it was a much smaller one. And I just kinda scaled it up from there," said Levi Husson.

This project became about much more than becoming an Eagle Scout though.

Daniel Scott was a local Bocce Ball Special Olympian.

He passed away in March of 2018, which led for the court to be dedicated to him.

So when Levi reached out to the Town of Hampden with his proposal, he wanted the focus to be for Special Olympic Athletes.

"So Levi came to us and the town of Hampden in the fall of 2017 and asked for approval if he could put up this bocce ball court on town property. He said he was looking to better our community and offer this opportunity to the entire community, with a focus on Special Olympic Athletes. It's a great idea and it isn't something we see in this area," said Shelley Abbott, the Recreational Director for the town of Hampden.

The court is free to the public and is located right off of Canoe Club Road behind the Hampden VFW.