Local 7th grader celebrates success as two-time published author

GLENBURN, Maine (WABI) - A 7th grader at Glenburn School is already paving a path for his future as an author.

A religious activist accused of burning LGTBQ children's books he checked out of an Iowa library has been convicted and fined. (Pixabay)

Camden LaBree is 12 years old and he's now written two books - “Kevin Atte: Statue of Souls” and his newest published book “Oscar Logcutter: Reluctant Lumberjack."

LaBree is particularly interested in local history and writes books based on his experiences in Maine. He was inspired to write his latest book after a snowmobile ride to Katahdin Iron Works.

Oscar Logcutter: Reluctant Lumberjack centers around a boy who doesn’t want to be a lumberjack, but he is forced to. His family has had a long line of lumberjacks, and his parents want him to be one too. So, Oscar is sent off to lumberjack school. On his first day, he has a run-in with the Lumberjocks, a group of bullies with Roscoe Silvester in the middle. Oscar also meets Reid Wood, who informs him of the lumberjack sport Rootball. Oscar practices for the school championship at the end of the year, but finds out that Roscoe is going to be competing against him. Will Oscar win the rootball championship, and get the hang of lumberjacking?

LaBree's books are available on Amazon by searching for the titles or for his name.