Lobster fisherman tells tale of 25 pound catch

PHIPPSBURG, Maine (WABI) - A southern Maine lobster fisherman recently made the catch of his career..

We spoke with Phippsburg resident Eric Wallace who told us about the 25 pounder he recently hauled in.

"Had a trap coming up and I looked out over the side and he had gotten himself fouled up in the rope," said Wallace. "He was too big to get in the trap. I told the boys, I have 2 20-year-old boys with me, I said you boys are going to want to see this because it doesn't happen very often. I've never seen one like it. I've seen them close but I've never seen one quite that big. I've been doing this for 35 years. We took a couple of pictures and then we dropped him overboard. And he literally sunk like a rock. I've never seen a lobster go down as quick as he did."

Not to be outdone, Wednesday afternoon a lobster fisherman in Harpswell caught a 28 pounder.