Lobster Trap Tree Built in Rockland

Published: Nov. 15, 2017 at 4:41 PM EST
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Rockland Main Street, Inc. is getting set to host their annual Festival of Lights. They begin the celebration every year with the assembling of an iconic structure.

“We're building the largest lobster trap tree in the world right here in downtown Rockland,” said executive director Gordon Page. “There'll be 155 traps on the tree when it's all done and about an eighth of a mile of lights which is equal to about 2,500 lights, and more than 100 lobster buoys. Those are original, authentic lobster buoys.”

The tree looms over the waterfront in downtown. It takes several hours to complete as workers climb up the tree tying the traps together before topping it off with a giant lobster and star.

“We've got about a dozen and a half volunteers that are on the tree and they are building that tree trap, by trap, by trap,” said Page. “We have volunteers from the United States Coast Guard base here in Rockland. We have volunteers from the Bolduc Correctional Unit here that are helping out.”

The tree lighting will take place during the festival on Thanksgiving Weekend. Afterward, the traps will be raffled off for members of the community to take home.

“The traps are all provided to us by Brooks Trap Mill in Thomaston, Maine. They are custom made, although they are legitimate lobster traps. They're custom made for us so that they're all green wire and red vents to go with the Christmas motif.”

The tree has been a staple of Rockland’s holiday season for 14 years. Page said it is a perfect way to show visitors what the local community has to offer.

“It's all about the culture, the fishing culture, in downtown Rockland and Mid-Coast Maine. This is the lobster capital of the world, this is where the Maine Lobster Festival is held every year and to be able to stretch that out into the Christmas holiday season is really a good thing.”