Living wax museum comes to local school

Published: Jan. 30, 2020 at 10:39 PM EST
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Have you ever seen a wax museum come to life?

These may look like ordinary 4th-grade students at All Saints Catholic School, but they're actually posing as famous Mainers as part of a living wax museum.

Activist Samantha Smith, Poland Springs' Hiram Ricker, football player Quinton Porter, and hockey player Brian Dumoulin, just to name a few, made an appearance in Bangor.

We got a little insight into how all the fun works.

"Press the button and they'll be as a statue. But when you press the button you will become unfrozen and you will talk and you will get to say everything about your life.," 4th-grade student, Elizabeth Bergin, said.

Stephen King also made an appearance at All Saints Catholic School.

Students have spent the last few weeks practicing and memorizing their speeches as well as gathering all their props for their famous Mainers.