Lifeguards rescue 8 children from rip currents in Scarborough

A man and woman were rescued from a rip current. (MGN)
A man and woman were rescued from a rip current. (MGN)(WJHG)
Published: Jul. 4, 2020 at 8:17 AM EDT
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Lifeguards at multiple beaches are reporting a higher-than-average number of rescues related to rip currents so far this season.

At Scarborough Beach State Park, lifeguards rescued eight children from rip currents Thursday.

Lifeguards are reminding beachgoers to be careful in the water during the holiday weekend.

“We generally have rip currents throughout the course of the summer. This year they seem to be coming earlier and they’re very strong,” said Dave Currier, the head lifeguard at Scarborough Beach State Park.

The assistant principal has been patrolling beaches as a summer job for 38-years.

With at least 15 rip current rescues in June, the most in years, Currier says visitors can’t be careful enough.

“I would recommend, first of all, check in with lifeguards. The lifeguards know the water conditions and the water conditions change daily. They can change hourly. So make sure you understand the dangers of the water and make sure you’re safe,” said Currier.

A rip current is a sudden, strong, narrow current pulling away from shore.

Lifeguards Anton Jasa and Grace Taylor helped children from rip currents Thursday.

“They see the kid kind of last second getting sucked out especially but we kind of watch them beforehand and know when we have to go in and when we don’t,” said lifeguard Anton Jasa.

The staff trains daily for rip current rescues. They try to prepare for everything. Gratitude for their work however is always a pleasant surprise.

“It meant a lot to just hear from a parent and just how thankful they were and that we could’ve helped their kid. And so it felt good,” said lifeguard Grace Taylor.

The lifeguards say Friday they received a thank you note from a parent for rescuing their child from a rip current last week.

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