Life insurance and how it relates to physician-assisted death

Published: Jun. 17, 2019 at 6:59 PM EDT
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Governor Mills signed the controversial Death with Dignity bill last Wednesday giving terminally-ill patients the legal right to physician-assisted death including some protective guidelines.

""I do believe it is a right that should be protected in law.Along with protections for those who are unable to articulate their choices and those who do not have access to quality, end-of-life care."

For those backing the bill, it's been a long road.

State Senator Geoff Gratwick says this is about being in control of the outcome of a terminal illness.

The new law has raised concerns about life insurance and if companies will provide coverage if death with dignity is chosen.

"I'm not familiar with anywhere around the country where this has been a problem."

We reached out to the Insurance Information Institute for some answers. Since 1960 the organization has made public understanding of insurance its mission.

We spoke to their chief economist this about how this relates to life insurance.

"There are other states that have had this in place before and honestly, I've never, ever seen it as an issue that has been discussed as something that needed to be handled or changed," said Dr. Steven Weisbrat.

Maine joins seven other states and Washington D.C. in making this end-of-life decision legal.

"I would be very surprised if Maine's new law causes it to the first time that it became an issue," said Weisbrat.

The law is expected to go onto effect in September.