Levant woman starts new business

LEVANT, Maine (WABI) - A Levant woman has started a new business right in her own backyard.

Karen Gagnon, Owner, Streamside events, "It's a dream come true. It's something that I wanted to do for probably almost 15 years now since the day Greg and I got married at stream."

Karen says they've held family gatherings here for many years and now she wants to share that with others by providing an affordable spot for any celebration.

The space on Lake Road has many options including a bar, fire pits, and more. What sets them apart from other places is down this path through the meadow.

"So, this is the entrance to Stream- where the brook meets the stream."

This is where Karen and Greg were married 15 years ago this summer. It's also where Greg passed away while he was working one day.

"I lost Greg tragically back in 2008. He was cutting wood just the other side of stream and there was an accident. The joy and happiness that we both felt that day, and the magic and the fairytale life we created, I just feel that other people should have that moment."

Karen hopes she can one day turn the backyard business into one she can hand over to her kids including her daughter, Jamie and her son Gregory.

Jamie said, "It's really nice as your parents get older to see them take one of the dreams that they've had for a long time and see it come to fruition. She's not looking to retire on this or make a killing. She really, really just wants to give that feeling her and Greg had the day that they got married."

"To keep it simple. That was one of Greg's sayings, 'keep it simple' and I try to live that every day and this is simple and yet elegant."

"When you lose your heart, I just wanted to go back to the beginning where It began and over time it's filling back up again with happy memories. I feel Greg is here with me every day. I see signs all the time to tell me that he's right here and happy that I'm sharing. Or, at least that's what I like to think."

There is an open house this Saturday at streamside events...

everyone is welcome to come visit the venue from one to five...

they are located at 3-32 Lake Road in Levant.

More info on their facebook page or at 735-4053.