Legislators discussing ways to regulate pricing and cost of prescription drugs

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - Legislators at the statehouse covered a number of bills on Wednesday, all designed to regulate the pricing and costs of prescription drugs.

The bill would expose the work of pharmacy benefit managers.

Part of their job is to work with insurers to drive down prescription costs.

Lawmakers believe those managers are benefiting from expensive drug costs by pocketing the difference instead.

According to Democratic Senator Eloise Vitelli, another bill would ask for transparency from drug companies.
"There are probably a number of reasons for that but the question is why aren’t they cheaper here in this country? And if we can break down our costs by importing them from Canada then we ought to take a serious look at doing that," said Vitelli.
Both bills have bipartisan support- and there was no opposition to them Wednesday.

The prescription drug discussion will continue at the state house.