Legislative Committee briefed by state regulators on CMP complaints and proposed rate hike

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Lawmakers heard from state regulators Monday about complaints against Central Maine Power.

The Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee heard from officials from the Public Utilities Commission and the Public Advocate.

They discussed the continuing concerns regarding CMP's billing and customer services problems.

Regulators also briefed the committee on CMP's proposed rate hike.

"Billing and metering issues really do need to be figured out before a rate increased is entertained," said Rep. Seth Berry, D-Bowdoinham, who co-chairs the committee. "It boggles my mind that CMP at this time is looking for a double digit rate increase. And by the way, to double the fix charge, which is the amount you pay no matter how much you use, which impacts lower-income customers the most."

The office of the public advocate is looking to put a hold on the rate hike until the billing concerns are figured out.