Lawsuit settled for $375k for man cleared in Hancock county sexual assault case

Published: Sep. 24, 2018 at 2:14 PM EDT
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A federal lawsuit filed by a man cleared of sexually assaulting his wife in Hancock County has been settled with more than a dozen defendants, for $375,000.

Vladek Filler sued the county, police, the district attorney's office and the lead prosecutor, Mary Kellett.

His lawyer Thomas Hallett tells TV5 News this is the first case where state prosecutors have paid to settle a suit involving prosecuting misconduct.

Court documents say a judge determined at a hearing earlier this month, all but one of parties had reached agreements to settle the lawsuit.

Filler's 2015 suit said he was denied a fair trial and was the victim of defamation and malicious prosecution.

Filler was convicted of sexually assaulting his wife in 2009, but that was overturned two years later.

A judge ruled evidence was left out of the trial and that Kellett made improper statements to the jury.

Kellett eventually admitted she violated rules of the Maine Bar and was disciplined.

The case is expected to continue against the final defendant, a friend of Filler's ex-wife.