Lawmakers consider bill to ban pelvic exams on unconscious women in hospital except in emergencies

Published: Jan. 28, 2020 at 11:42 PM EST
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Maine lawmakers are considering a bill that would ban pelvic exams on unconscious women in the hospital except in emergency situations.

Pelvic exams can occur when women are unconscious in a hospital for surgeries; sometimes for teaching purposes for medical students.

The bill would ban those exams unless a woman gave her informed consent in advance.

"States are taking action to prevent this kind of thing. It's something that's been standard, a routine procedure for years and years. (It is) something that many doctors want to see end, medical students want to see end, and certainly, women want to see end." state Rep. Vicki Doudera said.

The Maine Medical Association, nurse practitioners and the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine testified in favor of the bill on Tuesday.