Lawmakers, Fishermen & Environmentalists Gather to Oppose Trump's Plan to Expand Offshore Drilling to Maine

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - There was a meeting in Augusta on Wednesday to discuss the White House proposal to expand offshore drilling to Maine.

The Federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management hosted it.

Lawmakers, fishermen and environmentalists gathered in opposition to the plan.

They provided an opportunity for residents to speak out against the president's plan to open Maine waters to oil and gas drilling.

Last week, Maine lawmakers unanimously passed a resolution asking the president to exclude Maine from any future offshore drilling and exploration.

Business and conservation leaders in attendance say offshore drilling would not benefit Maine, and could hurt the state's coastal economy.

"The Maine legislature is sending the strongest signal we can to President Trump and Secretary Zinke that the state of Maine is not interested in offshore drilling," said Rep. Mick Devin, (D) the resolution sponsor.

"Allowing the exploration of oil and gas off the coast of Maine could devastate our fisheries, our fishermen, and our communities," said Kristan Porter, President of the Maine Lobstermen's Association.

Maine's entire congressional delegation also opposes the plan.

Their hope is that the Trump administration will exclude Maine from the plan, much like their decision to remove Florida's coastal waters from drilling because of its economic importance to that state.