Lawmakers Discuss School Safety Legislation, Arming Teachers

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WMTW) - Concerns stemming from the school shooting in Florida - led to several bills being presented to the legislative council in Augusta Tuesday.

Many of them had to do with safety in Maine's schools.

Leaders in the legislature are still hearing several bills to determine whether they'll go to the full legislature.

But they denied a bill to allow schools to arm teachers.

The sponsor of the bill argued it would help keep students safe - as long as it's done with the proper precautions and training.

It's an idea floated by the president and the governor - and this proposal would leave it up to the cities and towns.

"There's no funding attached to the bill currently," said Sen. Eric Brakey, (R) Auburn. "All we're doing is giving municipalities a choice. We're not mandating anything, saying they have to do something. We're saying they can do something."

There were several others to do with school safety as well.

Those included one on mental health services - and another to allow for a 20 million dollar bond to help schools with security.