Last minute voter questions answered

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) Tuesday is primary election day in Maine.

Ranked-choice voting will be used for the first time.

Voting is a constitutional right afforded to citizens of the U.S. but the process is sometimes confusing especially with a new state-implemented voting system.

If you're not registered to vote, you still can.

Polling places offer registration on site.

To learn more about how to register visit:

Each person has a unique polling site based on where they live.

You can find your polling site along with a list of voting districts by filling out an electronic form by visiting:

The state's voting system is different this year. Voters will be using ranked-choice voting.

Kyle Bailey, Campaign Manager for the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting says, "In most instances things remain unchanged. Voters still receive their ballot in the same method as always. They go up to the election official, state their name and if necessary their address. Ballots are marked in the same method, using a felt tipped marker provided to fill in the oval corresponding to the preferred candidate or ballot question selection. Once the ballot is filled out they still place the ballot in a locked box or feed it into the machine tabulator."

The ballot will be different, allowing voters to rank their candidates in order of preference.

To learn more on how to cast your vote on the ranked-choice ballot visit:

Results timing will also be a little different this year.

Bailey says, "For those races that will be determined by ranked choice voting local municipalities are just responsible for the first round count. Bonded couriers will securely retrieve materials from all towns and deliver them to the Secretary of State in Augusta. The Secretary of State staff will scan all of the hand-count ballots using a high speed tabulator and upload the memory sticks from the machines to a central computer and then with one push of a button all rounds from ranked-choice voting will be conducted simultaneously."

The Secretary of State released a statement saying that he could publish unofficial results as soon as June 18th.

The unofficial results will be posted online at: