Last all-girls school left in Maine set to close

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PORTLAND, Maine. (WABI) - Students, parents, and alumni hosted a lemonade stand outside the Maine Girls’ Academy, hoping to raise money and awareness after the announcement earlier this week the school would close.

Many said they were shocked when they heard the news and had no warning that it was coming.

With about 90 kids enrolled, it is was the only all-girls school left in the state.

A tradition current and former students say they are willing to work hard to preserve.
"I was devastated…. It was really hard for our family cause my sister was gonna come here. And I just hope we can help the school." Explained, one of the Sophomores at the school, Hannah Dow.

One of the parents, Cara Biddings, had this to say, "I just feel like there is so much knowledge in these doors about how to educate girls and how to make them confident and powerful, and we risk losing that."

In a letter sent to parents, the school cites low enrollment and financial reasons for the closure.

Their last day in operation will be July 15th.