Last Minute Donations Needed For Bangor New Year's Eve Celebration

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For years, hundreds of people have welcomed the new year in the heart of Bangor.

And they've done it with a ball drop, but it's not quite like the one in Time's Square.

For the last 12 years, a beach ball covered in over 500 white twinkling lights has been dropped off of Paddy Murphy's roof in Bangor.

it's grown into a day-long event with musical performers and more than 3,000 folks in attendance.

However, since the Downtown Countdown in Bangor is run strictly through donations, folks are asked to help out in anyway they can this year. And, there may be something in it for you.

"So we've decided to put it out there and anyone can contact the Facebook page. They can private message the Downtown Countdown or Downtown Countdown Bangor, or even call Paddy's," explained John Dobbs, coordinator of this years celebration. "Anyone who will donate, and work with the details to fill our gap, can throw the ball off this year."

If you would like to donate before Sunday, message Downtown Countdown Bangor on Facebook or call Paddy Murphy's at 945-6800.