Large water main break in downtown Waterville

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WATERVILLE, Maine (WABI) - Some people in Central Maine had to forgo the shower Thursday morning.

Waterville Police shot a video that shows a river running along Appleton Street at around 1 in the morning after a water main break.

Parts of Waterville, Winslow and Vasalboro didn't have water pressure.

Crews from Kennebec Water District had the break fixed around 2am.

They also had to deal with another break on a road by the high school.

The water district's general manager says everyone effected had water back around 8am.

He says sometimes these breaks are a mystery.

"Ground movement due to frost leaving the ground can sometimes cause pipes to break," said Roger Crouse of Kennebec Water District. "We have breaks 12 months out of the year. Every month of the year we have a main break. There are many factors that go into causing a main break. We just don't understand most of those. Age of the pipe is important, but this one is 1966, so it should've had a lot more life to it."

He says the average pipe in the ground should last around 100 years.