Knox and Waldo Counties joining forces to improve jails

ROCKLAND, Maine (WABI) - Knox and Waldo Counties are teaming up forces to improve their jails.

The neighboring counties have formed a new partnership, creating a position called a Unified Correctional Administrator.

Waldo County Corrections Administrator, Major Raymond Porter has taken this role to link the two counties.

He'll work in both with goals of reducing bed days across the system and reducing repeat offending.

This new system is the only one of its kind in Maine.

"We're really making our best effort to promote security as well as trying to do some reform with our inmates and lower the recidivism rate."

"We deal many of the time with many of the same folks. Our communities are integrated in other ways too. We have restorative justice. We have other community organizations that are already working with us in Waldo County and want to work down here in Knox County. It is just the next step in the process of bringing the counties together. "

Major Porter will start this new position on July 1st.