Kids spending vacation time at animal camp in Camden

Published: Apr. 17, 2018 at 4:47 PM EDT
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Paws Animal Adoption Center in Camden is holding a vacation camp for young children.

“We will do crafts, like we can make magnets, we visit with the kitties and the doggies,” said camper Maddy St. Charles.

Spending their vacation with animals is a big draw for these kids, but these visits serve an important purpose.

“Part of our mission is to reach out into the community and educate kids and adults about proper animal care and how to be humane and we thought what we really needed was a camp,” said Director of Programs, Brandi Moore.

“We learn about pet care, how to care for your pet, things about your pet,” explained St. Charles.

The camp offers different themes throughout the year. Organizers say that the lessons learned here effect campers in their everyday life.

“If you learn to be compassionate and humane, not only to animals, but to other children, to adults, it becomes who you are,” said Moore.

Of course, spending the day playing with kittens makes learning and having fun easy for these kids.

“It just makes me feel so good that we can offer something here at Paws that will enrich the kids’ lives as much as the animals lives,” said Moore.

“It's really fun because you get to visit with all the animals and it's nice to learn about the animals and it's nice to be able to just be around animals because animals can bring out the best in people,” said St. Charles.

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