Kids spend April vacation at horse camp in Lamoine

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LAMOINE, Maine (WABI) - Iron Slipper Equestrian Center in Lamoine is hosting a group of children as they spend their April vacation working with horses.

"Its ages 6 through 18 and all different abilities, kids that have never ridden before up to kids who have taken lessons for years," says Instructor Susan Arthur.

On top of learning to ride, kids also gain experience caring for the animals.

"The kids come and we do things like grooming and tacking up and riding the horses. We learn about parts of the horse, we learn how to feed the horses.

“It was scary at first because I never really had any time with horses, and I didn't understand them,” says student Cassidy Courchesne. “And then I came here."

Students like Courchesne often return to the camp every year, passing down their knowledge to the younger kids.

"I was once at that stage and now that I'm able to help the girls, it's really fun."

It's a fun filled week with horse-related activates.

"They're big and most of them are gentle and they're cute," says student Alexa Murphy.

Arthur says the students aren't just learning about horses. They're learning valuable skills they'll be able to use as they grow up.

"They learn so many life lessons here. They learn responsibility, they learn empathy. A lot of them get a lot of confidence from the horses."

"I really like being involved with them and riding on them because it's just fun," said Courchesne.