Kids in Belfast learn how to prep for a zombie apocalypse

Published: Jan. 19, 2020 at 4:22 PM EST
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Kids in Belfast gather to learn about preparing for emergencies, more specifically a zombie apocalypse.

Game Loft put on the even in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, wanting to teach kids and their families about the importance of being prepared for any emergency.

The event started with a lunch, consisting of “a bucket of brains,” before featuring presentations and skits focused on preparedness.

If you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you’re prepared for any emergency.

“We really believe that kids should be able to be active participants in their communities,” says Patricia Estabrook, Co-founder of Game Loft. “One of the ways they can do that is to be prepared and to help their families be prepared. Then they can help their neighbors be prepared in case of an emergency. You never know when that could strike.”

One way to be prepared for an emergency is to always have an emergency kit in your house and vehicles.