Kids have lunch with first responders to say thanks

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CARMEL, Maine (WABI) - Students at Carmel Elementary School had the chance to thank local first responders at a special luncheon today.

"Today is a special day to honor soldiers and firefighters and people who served in some sort," said 4th grader Matthew Coslett.

Addison Decker added, "When something bad happens, they are the first people that try to help us."

"We're meeting some of the first responders who came to our school today, and we're eating lunch with them," said Isabella Warford.

Carter Middleswart had this to say about the experience: "We talked to them about what it's like to be a first responder."

"A lot of them want to be firefighters, others want to be nurses when they grow up. Means a lot to be a first responder and to take care of the town and the people that live in it," Carmel Fire Department Captain Bill Crowley told us.

"I went to elementary school here, so to come back is always fun and talk with the little kids. One of the little girls I was sitting with said that she wants to be a nurse when she grows up," said Makelle Jarvis, who is a nurse at Northern Light EMMC.

"At first, it was kind of scary, but then I kind of got to know them," added Addison.

"We get to interact with the kids. They always ask great questions. Gives us a really good chance to get to know some of them. I was lucky enough to have three other deputies have time to come down with me," said Penobscot County Deputy Jon Carson.

The students in the chorus also gave thanks through song.

"They did a fantastic job. They look like they practiced quite a bit. I was very impressed," said Carson.

Addison said, "It was kind of hard, but at least we got the music because we only got to practice for two days."

"At the end, I kind of had jelly legs," added Carter.

"I thought it was beautiful," remarked Crowley.

Carson said it was a great day for everyone. "Fire here, we have nurses, we have the military. It's really nice to have everybody together, and they can get acknowledged by the kids. It was good."