Kids get hands-on experience at Bug Maine-ia

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) - Bugs, bugs, bugs. That's what was on the minds of hundreds of young students Tuesday.

It was Bug Maine-ia at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.

Kids got to see a number of different insects and learn about what they do.

Using demonstrations and games, scientists taught students about how bugs interact with our environment.

Organizers say giving kids the experience of learning with bugs can really enhance and expand what they learn in their textbooks.

"I think what's really special is having those scientists there to answer any question that they might have," said Joanna Torow, Chief Educator for the Maine State Museum. "And to see them at work and knowing that science is not just something that I learn in a book. Science is not something that's just in my classroom. It's out in the world, and it's something that I might want to do."

There were also edible bugs there for the kids to eat.