Kids gathered to drink lots of tea and support a good cause

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BANGOR, Maine. (WABI) - Over 25 gallons of tea was consumed at the 6th annual Literacy Tea in Bangor.

It's hosted by the Literacy Volunteers of Bangor.

Kids from all over got a chance to enjoy, what organizers called “a living library.”

More than 30 tables were decorated to incorporate a different children's book theme.

Organizers say the event supports an adult literacy program which helps 250 adults each year achieve a high school reading level.

Kris Currier, the President of the Board of Directors for Literacy Volunteers, expressed her thoughts on the need for events such as these. “We think that talking about the importance of education and reading and really embracing reading and literacy in general can be good for everybody. And a lot of times, you may know somebody in the community who struggles with this, but they may not know that these resources are available. So just getting the work out to the community that there are free reading resources and literacy services, is great.”

“Like I said the program is just a wonderful thing. They showed me the resources that's helping me to help my daughter because she's got the same attitude I had growing up. You don't understand a word, just skip it, you're not comprehending what you're reading and you're not understanding what you're reading. And at the time it didn't matter, but I was a fool because reading is one of the most important things in life that you can do.” Explained Steve Scalese, a former student and now part of the Board of Directors.

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