Kids can get physical with the help of online education

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With many kids not returning to school for awhile, two local fitness gym owners wanted to help.

They created an online, interactive physical education page for teens on Facebook

Emily Tadlock has their story.

Curtis and Kianna Miller own Miller Fitness, two gyms in Skowhegan and Newport.

"Obviously right now we are taking a big hit, and we have more time on our hands than usual."

Now, they're using that time to help the community.

"We wanted to reach the high schoolers, really any kids, even college kids."

"We're trying to post daily, either daily challenges or daily workouts. So far, we've posted one workout, and then we did weekend challenges outdoors."

The pair want parents to be engaged with their kids as well, helping them complete the challenges, even doing it with them.

"Being active is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. So, we are really trying to push kids to stay as active as they can right now. We're trying to get the families interactive, so it's good family time, too."

The Millers are also asking kids and parents to be interactive with them online sharing videos and pictures of them completing challenges.

"Now, we've posted a breakfast challenge, too. So, we're also trying to implement some nutrition coaching in there as well."

And to sweeten the pot, they're also doing giveaways for kids.

To get active with the Millers, you can like Millers' P.E. Interactive Class on Facebook.

Emily Tadlock, WABI TV5 News, Skowhegan.

The Millers say they plan to keep things going at least until kids return to school but maybe even longer.