Kennebec Valley Chamber hosts breakfast to discuss last legislative session's effect on businesses

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AUGUSTA, Maine (WABI) The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce recapped the recent legislative session for its members Wednesday morning at their quarterly Chamber Connections breakfast.

The Maine State Chamber of Commerce advocacy team went through the large number of bills passed that affect Maine businesses.

"It's great having the Maine State Chamber come and talk to our members today," said Katie Doherty, President and CEO of the Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce. "It's very important for our members to know what's going on in the legislative session. It helps their businesses get more involved, be aware with what's going on, what could affect them and our community."

Some of the biggest include the paid time off bill, workers compensation, and multiple bills banning products.

Maine State Chamber President Dana Connors says the session could have been a lot worse on businesses, but they were able to negotiate on a lot of bills.

"So I look at this session, there will be those who say it was a great session, those who say, 'Oh my Lord, this is not at all to my liking.' I would say that for us it's somewhere in the middle," said Connors. "We recognize that there were some real challenges. We didn't get all we wanted by all means, but it's far better than it could have been, and so we look at it through those lens."

They also talked about bills carried over to next session that still can affect businesses.

Connors says the presence of so many business owners at a lot of the public hearings this session had a big impact on those bills.