Keeping Your Home Secure - Part Three

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - "There's definitely a value in security cameras and/or alarm systems, absolutely,' says Holden's Police Chief Chris Greeley. "Number 1, it gives you that peace of mind where you are not there that your home is protected and secondly, it can typically help your insurance rates if you let your company know you've installed those sorts of things. So for all kinds of reasons, alarms and cameras are a great idea."

Tom Pasternack of Bangor knows about protecting your home and the things inside when you aren't there, but he also had an experience with his home video system that provided peace of mind. "My daughter was here upstairs and she came downstairs and the door was open, so she called me and said, 'Can you check the cameras?' So I'm at my stepdaughter's house, I check the cameras and she was worried that like did someone come in while she was upstairs, you know she was like terrified all of the sudden and sometimes that door pops open, so I checked the camera and like two hours before her friend left and didn't latch the door. So I was like, 'Don't worry, you're all set.'"

Even Chief Greeley, who has spent a career in home security and law enforcement, has first hand experience with this. "I had an attempted burglary a couple of decades ago and all I had was a cheap little $13 Radio Shack alarm on the front door that sounds like a smoke detector when it goes off. They kicked my door in when I wasn't home, and the little thing went off and they ran away. And I came back a couple of days later to see my door swinging in the wind. Had they gone in another window or the back door, I would never have known, but that little $13 alarm scared them away."

"When I slept in my place after that, I was more paranoid than ever. Every little noise, every little one. I had a dead bolt installed. I had motion sensor lights after that and every little movement. You want to avoid ever experiencing that uneasiness as a parent, as a family member who lives with loved ones or whatever, you just want to make it so they don't go there in the first place. Motion sensor lights, cameras, alarms, stickers, you know fencing, whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable reasonably."

"You know the camera systems now are relatively inexpensive, so I think getting a camera system is always a good idea, and a camera system can help you in other ways, too. You have teenagers and you're wondering what's going on when you're not home. If they have a camera system there, maybe they are less likely to have parties if you and your significant other, their parents are gone for the evening. So there are other ways that a video surveillance system sort of benefits you as a property owner. You could see, did somebody come down your driveway and turn around and leave? Maybe it's nothing important. Maybe it's something significant. Is the next door neighbor using your pool all the time in the summer time and you didn't know it and the video shows you they are using your pool. 'Stop using my pool.'"