Senate votes on congressional military resolution

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Who's responsible for taking this country into war?

Senator Angus King says the answer is Congress and so does the Senate.

Thursday they voted on a resolution to restore Congress' Constitutional role in America's military actions around the world.

The measure passed 55 to 45.

King says this doesn't have to do with President Trump, that the responsibility has been handed to the president in office for too long when the constitution says congress should decide military actions.

"The principal really isn't a political one, it's an institutional one and it's trying to reassert Congress' responsibility that, frankly, Congress has advocated over the years. And, this is something we ought to be taking the lead on because that's what the constitution says and it's what the people elected us to do," said King.

King says for years Congress has been evading this responsibility.