"Just a Little Fog": Local Author Publishes Book about Ch. 5 Meteorologist

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - This winter weather has proved challenging for many.

But for two local women, it's given them literary inspiration.

"Just a Little Fog" depicts the struggle of a Channel 5 meteorologist in his quest to predict the weather. We sat down with the author and illustrator.

"The Channel 5 weatherman sat at his desk, looked out the window, tidied his mess."

Barbara Winslow of Norridgewock is the author of four childrens books and a longtime educator.

"Been a teacher for 36 years. Grew up in Connecticut, moved to South Dakota, then Alaska, then back to Maine."

Winslow's time in the classroom was spent covering weather units at many grade levels.

Her latest book, "Just a Little Fog" combines her love of verse with geography and science.

"But in the Pacific where storms often brew, a high and a low mass was starting to stew."

"I would like teachers especially to use this as a jumping off place for talking about weather, weather patterns."

Tammi Galbraith provided her artistic talents on this project.

"I've had a pencil and paint brush in my hand since I can remember."

After working in the industry for years, the Skowhegan illustrator met Winslow through a mutual friend and formed an instant connection.

"It's awesome. We've done three books together."

"I don't know what's happened, he said with a groan. But it's just a little fog folks. Then he went home."

"It's exciting she knows exactly how to bring my words to life."

In a state where the weather is constantly changing, these women were inspired to create something that resonated with folks young and old. A tale of trusting your gut, even when critics doubt you.

"The Channel 5 weatherman jumped out of bed, wiping his glasses and grinning he said, 'I knew it! I told you. I felt it was so. These are things that a weatherman just has to know. I wasn't worried. I slept like a log because I always knew,' it was just a little fog."