Judges Pick Maine's Best Tasting Water

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The Cross Insurance Center in Bangor hosted the Maine Rural Water Association’s 31st Drinking Water Taste Test.

“This is the opportunity for water utilities around the state to bring a sample of their water and see what the judge’s think, see who is going to be named the best tasting water in the state of Maine,” said MRWA Executive Director Kristen Hebert.

Judging the competition was Maine Senate President Michael Thibodeau, Head coach of the UMaine Men’s Basketball team Bob Walsh, and TV5’s Wayne Harvey.

“They're going to hold the glass of water up and see if it’s a nice, clear glass of water, they're going to sip it, they're going to swirl it in their mouth and hold it on their pallet, and they're going to savor it.”

The judges handed out scored for 16 samples in the categories of best disinfected water and best water without disinfectant.

“I have tried several of them, yes and they do taste very different so I will be very curious to see what our judges have to say.”

The competition also gives industry a leaders to learn how best to keep their water safe and clean.

“As am individual that runs a water utility, you have to be cognizant of all the necessary state and federal regulations. So this event is an opportunity for our industry to come together and be sure that they are learning the most up to date rules and regulations.”

After voting was over, Town Hall Apartments located in Lagrange was awarded the best tasting water in the state.

“Its different minerals and how clear it is and tasty. It's pretty much just the natural ability of it,” said the winner Fred Waymouth. “It is a lot of fun to be recognized even with a small well and a small system.”