Judge orders priest's attorney to turn over murder victim's journal to the court

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - The contents of a journal kept by a woman from Hampden who was murdered in July may be used at trial, according to a judge.

Philip Clark is accused of killing his sister-in-law, Renee Clark.

The journal has been in the custody of an attorney representing Father Anthony Cipolle.

An attorney for the priest argued that since he provided guidance for Renee Clark to keep the journal, it would be covered under rules of privilege.

Judge William Anderson has ordered Father Cipolle and his attorney to turn the journal over to the court within five days.

The judge will then look at the journal to determine what, if any, information may be used in court.

According to defense attorney David Bate, Renee Clark's daughter has seen the journal and told attorneys there may be information in the journal that could be embarrassing if released.