Judge: No new trial for Easton man found guilty of killing stepfather

BRIDGEWATER, Maine (WABI) - A man from Easton found guilty of killing his stepfather will not be getting a new trial.

A judge denied that request for 38-year-old James Peaslee.

His lawyer argued earlier this week Peaslee should get another chance after his brother, George Peaslee, allegedly confessed to the crime.

A jury found James Peaslee guilty in June of the shooting death of Paul Hilenski.

Hilenski was killed in his home in Bridgewater in January 2018.

In a hearing Tuesday, the woman who said she heard Peaslee's brother allegedly admit to the murder took to the stand.

Prosecutors argued against the woman's testimony, saying she was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Peaslee will be sentenced on Monday.