Jay man sentenced to 38 years in prison for killing girlfriend

FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) - A Jay man has been sentenced to 38 years behind bars for the murder of his girlfriend.

Court records say 58-year-old James Sweeney beat 51-year-old Wendy Douglass with a baseball bat multiple times.

Sweeney is deaf.

He had his lawyer read a letter for him to the judge saying he loved Wendy and his mental illness led to her death.

At the trial a mental health expert testified who diagnosed Sweeney with schizophrenia.

Douglass' 27-year-old daughter spoke in court saying her mother was taken from her too soon and as someone who suffers from mental illness herself, she finds it appalling that Sweeney would use it as an excuse to kill her mother.

Douglass' mother also spoke in court on Wednesday.

Cindy Douglass says, "It is essential for you to know how much I have lost my daughter, my little me, the one person in the world that I could say anything to and she would listen. I will never know again what it feels like to give her hugs and kisses."

Douglass' mother spoke with us after Sweeney's sentence was handed down saying quote "It's not enough, it's never enough."