Jared Golden and his supporters gather in Lewiston

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LEWISTON, Maine (WABI) - Jared Golden supporters gathered at the Franco Center in Lewiston.

There was excitement in the room, but all through the night the numbers were too close to call in that race.

However, as the numbers came up in other races around the state and the nation, Golden's supporters cheered for every Democratic candidate which led to the taking control of the House.

Around 11:40, Golden took to the stage and told everyone it was going to be a long night and no matter the outcome he was thankful of his supporters.

"I've had your back, you've had my back, and I'm so proud of it. Campaigns are tough, but knowing there are people who believed in me as much as I did gave me the energy I needed to run this race."

If neither Poliquin nor Golden garner 50 percent plus one of the vote -- the ranked-choice tabulation process will begin.

Election officials believe it could take up to a week to finalize any ranked-choice voting outcomes, but they do plan to work through the weekend and the Veteran's Day holiday.