Jackson Food Pantry serving clients curbside

JACKSON, Maine (WABI) - They're doing things a little different at the food pantry in Jackson.

"This is a totally different operation this time. Normally our clients come in and they hand-pick what they want," says Director Cindy Ludden.

With social distancing a big concern they changed things up here at the Jackson Food Pantry because not helping their neighbors isn't an option for this staff.

"As long as we've got the food, we can do it," sayd Ludden.

Ludden says especially during a time when people may need them the most.

"It's a good feeling."

Instead of having folks come inside they're taking curbside orders.

"They drive up, they give their name, we make sure they're our clients and then we give them a list of what's available," says Ludden.

"This way they're a little spaced out better. A lot safer," says Daniel Dolloff, volunteer.

"I think it's amazing what they're doing right now especially with kids being at home from school. It helps. Every little bit helps," says Jennifer Burch, a Jackson resident.

"You don't really see too much of the caring until you really need it. It's nice that there's still people out there that really do have a heart," says Israel Robbins, also a Jackson resident.

"I'm alone. I'm doing the best I can. For an old lady. I think it's great. Help is out there if you need it," said Thelma Ledden of Freedom.

Help the volunteers here are happy to give.

"It gives me something to do but it's also helping my community. I've lived in this community my whole life and this is one way I can give back," says Barbara Dolloff, volunteer.

"Get in your vehicle, drive up and we'll take care of you," says Ludden.

They say they served nearly 90 vehicles Monday.

They'll be back at it again next Tuesday from 10 to 11 on Village Road.