Is your computer monitor causing your back issues? Expert offers advice

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BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Is your computer the reason you have a bad back?

Social distancing is forcing the closure of gyms, parks, and art studios leaving businesses to reach their customers in a new way. Across the tri-state business are using online platforms like Facebook live to reach people from a safe distance.

Over the last decade, reports of people missing work with similar injuries have risen drastically.

Many people, especially amid the stay at home order, spend a lot of time sitting at a desk.

That time spent emailing and zooming is part of our jobs, but is your workspace set up the right way?

"You really want to be sitting upright and looking at the top of your monitor," said Derek Stern, Director of Health and Productivity for UNUM. "You want to have the top of your monitor or the middle of your monitor at a height for you so you're not looking up or looking down constantly, so you have your head in a controlled position. It's the same with your keyboard and your feet. You want to be able to have your feet flat if it all possible."

Also, if you can do so safely, get up and stretch and walk around every so often.

Regular exercise helps, too.