Investigators working to determine what started fire at Dexter home

DEXTER, Maine (WABI) - Investigators are looking into a fire that started in a garage in Dexter and ended up damaging the home.

Crews responded to the house on Pleasant Street at about 5 Sunday evening.

Multiple departments were called in after the homeowners said they noticed smoke coming out of their furnace.

"I was out in the garage doing wood working and I had the furnace going on out there. I come in the house for a minute to get some coffee and when I went back out I can see smoke in the garage. I went and looked at the furnace and when I saw smoke coming out of that, I shut the furnace off. I happen to look through the side hole that looks into the burn chamber and it was glowing red in there and when I shut the door it must've let just enough air in there and flames just shot up from the furnace and caught the garage on fire," said Brian Folsom, the home's owner.

Officials say when they arrived, thick black smoke could be seen from miles away.

"I was on the third truck to get here. By the time I got here the first truck was already in the drive way, lines were pulled. There was, most of the fire was coming out of the engine compartment of this truck and the center of the garage. Thick black smoke coming up you could see it all the way across town, so we knew it was fully engulfed. It was a big rush to get here and get some water on it," said Casey Macomber, a Dexter Firefighter.

No one was hurt and crews were able to stop the flames before reaching the home.

Crews initially believed they put the fire out, but a short time later -- they had to return after a hot spot flared up.

Due to smoke damage, the couple stayed at a nearby motel the night of the blaze.