Investigation continues into Monday's deadly explosion in Farmington

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FARMINGTON, Maine (WABI) - Officials held a press conference to talk about the investigation into Monday's deadly explosion in Farmington.

Sergeant Ken Grimes of the State Fire Marshal's Office says with a scene of this magnitude, it will take time to go through everything that was destroyed.

They're processing pieces of evidence found at and around the scene.

Interviews with residents and those nearby when the building exploded are ongoing.

They tell us the level of damage is unlike anything they've ever seen.

Sgt. Ken Grimes, said, "It's a slow methodical process that is going to take some time. I do not have any answers at this time as far as what exactly transpired. We are trying to find that out. As we go through a checklist of the various items that we need to look at we are releasing various portions of the scene."

Officials say expect to have answers by the end of the week.