International market in Bangor caters to all of Maine's ethnic needs

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - For the past 11 years Angela Okafor has lived in Bangor after immigrating from Nigeria.

She wears many hats including being an immigration lawyer, mom of 3, a hairdresser, and sewing cultural outfits.

"I'm not a professional but I can whip up something really good."

She also owns Tropical Tastes and Styles, an international market catering to Maine's ethnic needs.

"We used to travel out of state to buy our native food and I was like why don't I start an African market but along the line I was like why not make it an international market."

These needs include organic groceries from all over the world, hair braiding, custom wig making, African clothing and much more.

"I feel to be privileged, I feel that it is an honor to have the opportunity to be able to do this. This has given me a huge platform that I never anticipated I was going to have. It's exposed me to a lot of things I wouldn't have known. It has brought me close to a lot of people that I never would have met."

She says she didn't know how to braid hair or sew but taught herself and it has benefited folks all over the Bangor area.

"Not only for Africans. Also for the Hispanics, the Haitians, the Caribiannes and pretty much every other person."

She will special order food from all over the world and will braid anyone's hair by appointment.

She says Bangor has become her home and appreciates all the area has done for her.

"As a woman, especially as a black woman and as an immigrant especially in these times that nothing is not achievable. I appreciate the opportunity of being in Bangor because there is a lot of opportunities here.

Angela says she isn't going anywhere and will continue to serve folks of all ethnicities.

To find out more about Tropical Tastes and Styles you can visit them on Facebook.