Insurance agents warn of common winter accidents

Published: Dec. 3, 2019 at 5:25 PM EST
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Snow and ice brings lots of opportunites for accidents and injury.

We spoke with insurance agents about some common causes.

You should wear appropriate footwear.

They say slips and falls on ice cause thousands of injuries a year.

Drive carefully and leave plenty of space.

Darling's Insurance agents say rear end collisions are one of their most common claims in the winter.

And be careful when moving snow, especially on a roof.

Heidi Townsend, a personalized insurance agent with Darling's, says she sees a lot of claims come in.

"Cleaning off their roof. That's a really common one. Cleaning off decks and roofs. I've had porches and decks that have actually collapsed because they didn't clean them off. The snow gets heavy, especially weather like this."

They say you should ask for help when doing strenuous work and take things slowly.

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