Indoor entertainment venues prepping to open safely on July 1st

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) - Re-opening day for indoor entertainment spots in Maine is just a few days away - and lots of local businesses are getting ready.

Movie theaters, bowling alleys, and other indoor entertainment venues will be allowed to reopen on July 1st according to CDC guidelines. But a trip to anyone of these places won't look the same.. But a trip to anyone of these places won't look the same.

"People will see a completely different change when they walk in. What were going to encourage is everybody to purchase tickets online ahead of time. That way you're not getting here to find out it's a sold out show. A lot of the concession stuff can be purchased ahead of time online too," said Shawn Ryder, the General Manager of the Bangor Funplex.

"So it's going to be every other row of seating. Families per the state are allowed to sit together. And then have to skip two seats for other families or other individuals," said Ryder.

The arcade at the Bangor Funplex will remain closed for the time being.

"It's going to be a challenge for everybody at first. But hopefully we can work through it," said Ryder.

Bowling alleys face increased challenges with a high number of touch surfaces, and the summer months being the slower season.

"We've been down for three months, we lost a lot of our good season. What we plan on doing with our open bowling customers is we'll be at least keeping one lane distance. Every person that comes in, any group they're gonna have their own set of balls," said Chip Carson, Manager of Bangor Brewer Lanes.

Balls are thoroughly disinfected after each group is done using them.

Similar protocols for the Family Fun Bowling Center in Bangor, where the owner reassures customers they are taking every precaution.

"We gotta see what happens. And if the tick goes up then we've gotta back down. We're just kind of following the lead of where Maine is and what we have to do to all stay safe. Get on the ball! Here we go!" said Andy Meucci, Owner of Bangor Family Fun Center.