Inaugural ukulele 'Mud Strum' held in Bangor

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BANGOR, Maine- Ukulele groups from around the area gathered at the Bangor Public Library for the inaugural 'Mud Strum Ukulele Fest" on Saturday.

Fairmont Ukes of Bangor teamed up with other local groups to host the event.

Organizers counted 55 ukuleles.

The Mud Strum was a chance for groups to find out more about each other and playing various classic favorites.

The event also drew a large crowd of those who just wanted to watch.
"It's been a blast," said Eric Burdo, a member of three of the groups represented at the Mud Strum. "The turnout for this has been probably close to three times what we were kind of originally expecting, so it's really good to see players from pretty much all of the state and we're really hoping to do one or two of these a year. Where we can just get together as a big group. We were expecting twenty people we got fifty-five ukulele players here, it's just amazing. And if you wanna learn to play the ukulele- bring ukelele (and) learn three or four chords- you can play just about all the songs were doing."