Jackman Etch-A-Sketch expert celebrates birthday with community

JACKMAN, Maine (WABI) - They’re celebrating a special birthday in Jackman.

While 70 is quite a milestone, it’s even better when the person blowing out the candles has spent his days making others smile by just being himself.

A trip to Jackman isn’t complete without a stop at Bishop’s. They’ve got everything. It’s a place to fill up, grab a slice, a cup of coffee, or to sit down with an actual Etch-A-Sketch expert.

Meet Danny.

Owner of Bishop’s store, Ray Levesque, said, “A lot of people come to see Danny just because he’s Danny.”

Raymond Levesque’s family has owned and operated the store since 1950. Danny grew up across the street, and for most of his life, he has made this place his home away from home and the people here every day his family.

“He hangs here from eight to four basically every day except for a half hour at lunchtime when he likes to go home for lunch and watch the Price Is Right,” Levesque said.

Part of his routine is helping the regulars who come in.

"He loves helping customers out. We have some locals that might buy a certain thing every time they come in the store, and he knows what that thing is,” said Levesque. He added, “It could be a gallon of milk or a six pack of beer or a chocolate bar, and he’ll automatically go and pick it up and bring it to the counter for them.”

Nancy Lessard, Jackman resident, said, “You ask him anything, and he answers you and he helps you. Come on down, he says!”

For decades, Danny has been wowing them with pizza box folding skills, dance moves and, his Etch-A-Sketch mastery. Levesque said, “He still carries his Etch-A-Sketch around every day…A lot less, though. Arthritis is setting in his fingers, and at 70 years old, he’s lucky to be able to do it.”

It’s easy to see why Raymond and his family love Danny so much and have made him part of their own. Levesque explained, “He needs this routine. If he stopped, it would be the end of him.”

It's clear to see how much they need him, too. For Danny’s birthday, they’ve invited the entire town to celebrate with them. They’ve got cake, cookies, and they’re hoping to get Danny 70 cards for his 70th birthday.

“He’s very special for the whole town of Jackman, not just Bishop’s,” Levesque said.

Lessard said, “Danny is special to us. And Jackman. He’s part of us.”

Levesque added, “He’s got a heart that’s so big. If everybody in this world could be like Danny, it would be a great place.”

You can help Danny celebrate by sending a card to 464 Main Street, Jackman, 04945.